4 tips from the expert

Proper postoperative management by the patient

What to do after Vaser Liposuction surgery?

Naples - Thursday 16 Apr 2020 - Dr. Francesco Somma

Vaser liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can be performed in Day Hospital

It is less invasive than traditional liposuction and with faster recovery time.

A key aspect to the success of any surgery is postoperative management. It is really important to follow all the surgeon's instructions. Here are my tips for you.

1. Don't rush

The surgery takes about 2-3 hours under deep sedation or spinal anesthesia. This helps to shorten your hospital stay and reduce some of the effside effects related to general anesthesia.

You will spend 3-4 hours in the clinic before you can go home.

Generally you will be able to gradually return to normal activities within 2-3 days, other times within 4-5 days. This depends on both the extent of the areas to be treated and your individual response. Don't force your body, take it easy, do what you feel effortlessly.

The time needed to see final results also varies from patient to patient. In most cases it takes about 6 weeks.

Post-operative bruising and swelling are common after Vaser Liposuction. Patients should also expect serum leakage from the small incisions made for cannula insertion in the first 48/72 hours.

2. Wear compression sleeves.

 They may not be the most attractive or comfortable things to wear, but compression sleeves are an integral part of your recovery after Vaser liposuction and important to your final results.

Compression garments help to:

  • Compress the skin of treated areas to reduce the risk of postoperative sagging.
  • Prevent postoperative swelling and seroma formation (subcutaneous serum collections).
  • Improve body remodeling.
  • Reduce swelling, increase blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

The compression garment should be worn 24 hours a day for the first 3 weeks and then 12 hours a day for another 3 weeks.

You will only be able to remove the sheath for showering or bathing or washing.

3. Don't miss appointments

To enhance the healing process, speed up recovery time, and improve the overall results of liposuction, it is critical not to miss scheduled appointments for postoperative checkups and lymphatic massage.

Post-operative checks and dressings are important; although they are very small (4-5 mm), the incisions made to introduce the cannula should be disinfected, and it is also important to assess the overall clinical condition. It takes about two weeks on average for these small incisions to heal.

Lymphatic drainage helps to eliminate any excess serum that has accumulated under the skin. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling. All this reduces recovery time and promotes a faster return to daily life.

4. Don't be afraid to contact your doctor with doubts or clarifications

SIf you have any doubts about the treatment, the directions given, or what to do or not to do, do not hesitate to contact your surgeon or his or her assistants. Your doctor will be happy to answer your questions and thus remove any doubts. 

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